98, but it’s also a pretty giant half order

It’s a little pricey a half order of nachos with beef will run you $8.98, but it’s also a pretty giant half order. The booze: I arrived a little late and just went with the Manny’s pitchers already being consumed at the table. The pitchers ran $14 each, which is a little steep, but they were bigger so still cheaper than buying individual pints.

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With the help of NPR and member station reporters on the ground, here are some postcards from Sunday’s major protests. “Because I am here as a guest, I am here as a visitor. I am not a threat to the country. Most plant taxonomists now group the rabbiteyes with the highbush as one highly variable species (V. Corymbosum). Blueberries are easy to grow organically because they have so few pests other than birds..

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