When I near the latter lifetime and I ignore fear I am called

Mark Antony had a huge army in the time, of which Cleopatra’s forces were merely one of them, and by no means the biggest. That would be King Artavasdes of Armenia http://www.ibloodmap.com/what-remains-in-my-account-also-calculating-profits-and-or/, who provided six thousand horse and seven thousand foot. Antony’s land army actually outnumbered those of Octavian’s, and indeed Plutarch writes that when the Romans declared war on Cleopatra, and Octavian started raising taxes on his people and provinces, Antony (and Cleopatra) had a chance to win had he struck for Rome while Octavian was still shaping his army. Instead he dragged his feet wasting crucial time, and most tragically, he resolved to meet his enemy by sea, where Octavian had invested heavily in the navy. Cleopatra and Antony’s combined forces were no match for Octavian, and after losing the Battle of Actium, the two of them escaped back to Alexandria. The couple, and the city of Alexandria, fell into a much storied Despair Event Horizon since they fully knew that they lost, and that Egypt would be annexed by Rome. Cleopatra VII spent her final days, building and overseeing tombs and monuments, and famously took residence with her servants in one of them which was famously accessible by scaffolding at a high window, since the building had no doors.

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